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XMC20 Multiservice Communication Portfolio

Full Hybrid Multi-service Access & Transport Platform for Communications Networks in Mission-Critical Systems

The XMC20 is a family of multi-service telecommunication network elements. It is purpose-built to meet the stringent access & transport network requirements for Mission-Critical Systems and addresses industries including Rail Transport, Oil and Gas, Air Traffic Management, Public Safety, and Police-border control.

Rail Transport

Oil & Gas

Air Traffic management

Public Safety & Police-border control

XMC20 system family brochure

Lower operational costs with higher service reliability

The XMC20 platform supports packet-based services (MPLS-TP / Ethernet) and native TDM within the same network element, providing the flexibility for customers to choose the best technology for their mission-critical application. The platform is capable of serving the needs of an existing legacy network and at the same time future-proof investment, as its capable of evolving towards packet-based transport technology when the customer requires it.

Scalable, Available & Sustainable

The XMC20 is highly scalable in both TDM and packet-based networks and provides the highest availability under any circumstances. It is equipped with numerous redundancy and protection mechanisms as well as comprehensive QoS functions (Quality of Service) to guarantee highly available data transmission. It is extremely robust and can be operated in fanless mode due to its low power consumption and can therefore offer a very low eco-footprint.

End-to-end encryption

The XMC20 is unique in providing highly secure end-to-end encryption in mission-critical networks, while still maintaining the very high level of data availability required for such infrastructures. Our state-of-the-art encryption is based on keys generated by a hardware-based quantum random number generator for the highest level of assurance.

Centralized service management

The XMC20’s comprehensive management system UNEM ensures reliability and flexibility by providing accurate real-time status information, and the ability to analyze network disturbances quickly with a fast reconfiguration of routes when required.

Rising number of attacks, attempts at manipulation and espionage, put at high risk mission-critical communication networks.

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XMC20 in a nutshell

  • Full hybrid concept for coexistence and interworking of native TDM and packet services within the same node
  • Protection, redundancy and encryption functions for secure data transmission and highest availability
  • Wide range of applications and access interfaces supported
  • Support for various transmission interfaces and protocols, including 10 Gbps, SDH STM-16, MPLS-TP and many others
  • Fanless operation supported, robustness
  • Guaranteed long lifecycles due to state-of-the-art FPGA technologies and own manufacturing plant
  • Wide array of services which include 3rd party equipment integration and maintenance

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