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Cellular Router

The compact and ruggedized form factor of the TRO610 cellular router provides state-of-the-art communications and cybersecurity specially designed for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) use cases in utility, smart city, oil & gas, manufacturing, mining operations and renewables.

The TRO610’s edge compute capability, state-of-the-art cybersecurity, Bluetooth connectivity, industry standards compliance and its always-on cellular connectivity make it ideal for public agency applications as well as utility, petrochemical and discrete manufacturing ecosystems.

As intelligent field devices become pervasively distributed across power distribution networks, the TRO610 from Hitachi Energy provides operators mission-critical connectivity and greater efficiency by enabling a wider variety of edge applications. With advanced capabilities like edge computing and multiple secure connectivity options, the TRO610 lays the foundation for grid modernization and future modern grid applications.

The TRO610 provides a rich selection of connectivity: 

  • Up to two 1 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces for connecting wired clients
  • Optional Bluetooth radio for local sensor connectivity
  • 2x2 cellular antennas, providing cellular service through a selection of technologies (2G/ 3G/ 4G / Private-LTE) across a large selection of bands globally
  • Serial interfaces providing connectivity to legacy devices already deployed in the field
  • TRO610 is galvanically isolated, with an industry-grade grounding pin
  • Optimized DC power supply and efficient power consumption ensure the TRO610 provides reliable operation for long lifecycle deployments

The TRO610 edge computing capabilities, state-of-the-art security, support for Bluetooth sensors, compliance with industry standards, and its always-on cellular connectivity make it a very compelling solution for public agency applications as well as those in the utility, petrochemical, and discrete manufacturing ecosystems.

  • The TRO610 delivers always-on connectivity for cellular networks deployed in field area networks (FAN) and extended fleet ecosystems that underpin energy management applications and utilities’ distribution network operations. 
  • In addition to power distribution applications, the TRO610 provides the secure connectivity essential for reliable operations of large-scale IIoT deployments across public safety, emergency response, industrial automation, autonomous vehicles, and multiple other IIoT use cases.
  • The TRO610 is an economical, small form-factor router, ruggedized and purpose-built for mission-critical applications in harsh industrial environments. The device provides an edge compute platform to host custom applications and Bluetooth for sensor data connectivity.
  • The TRO610 provides standards-based, state-of-the-art security and a full networking stack, easily managed through Hitachi Energy’s Supros unified network management and monitoring system. Supros simplifies installation with the low-touch deployment of wireless devices and remote terminal units (RTU) and supports over-the-air firmware updates.
  • The TRO610 portfolio of wireless routers addresses all alternatives: global 4G support ideal for public, private and dedicated networks, with variants supportin ANTERIXTM, 410MHz and 450MHz networks.