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SuprOS Network Management

Comprehensive fleet management system for distribution and communication solutions

SuprOS manages Hitachi Energy Distribution Automation solutions, including wireless communication networks (based on Tropos and TRO600 products) as well as control solutions (based on RTU500 product series).

With SuprOS the DSO network operator can have a single pane of glass view at their whole network, enabling centralized and efficient management of firmware, configuration, security and status monitoring of large fleets of distribution automation devices.

SuprOS manages Hitachi Energy Wireless networks, including monitoring tools, it allows to effectively link Distribution Automation communication networks to Substation Automation switches. 

Network-wide visibility provides insight into performance, usage, and RF environment

Simple, powerful search retrieves information on any device, anywhere in the network

Seamless integration with Google Maps offers real-time views of router locations and visibility into operational data

Auto-discovery reduces the need for extensive pre-planning and streamlines deployments

Network analytics accelerate the introduction of new services through access to historical trending data

How it works

A key advantage of SuprOS wireless network management systems is the ease with which initial network deployments, expansions, and reconfigurations take place. Using advanced auto-discovery, network devices such as mesh routers can automatically find one another, streamlining network deployment. 

During network deployment, SuprOS collects network performance data to enable the network operator to determine optimization strategies to maximize performance.

SuprOS increases the efficiency of IT personnel by simplifying complex tasks such as wireless mesh network configuration, performance analysis, and system optimization. IT management is presented with a comprehensive operational dashboard and can drill down for more detailed performance data to plan optimization strategies. 

Network-wide software updates and provisioning can be achieved via a single command from Supros, thus accelerating a potentially time-consuming task and preventing service disruptions. 

SuprOS easily integrates into complex core network architectures, fitting seamlessly into a network management hierarchy. It collects management, inventory, and monitoring data, which can be extracted using a northbound RESTAPI. In addition, SuprOS data can be converted to actionable insights with easy integration into popular tools like Tableau and Microsoft Power BI.

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Discover how SuprOS benefits utility field area networks applications

SuprOS enables you to:


Analyze coverage and performance during network roll-out to determine strategies (e.g., adding routers to provide fill-in coverage, for network optimization)


Monitor the network on an on-going basis using variety of views including a map view of TroposOS gateways and nodes using Google Maps


Gain quick access to critical fault, performance and statistical data about the network


Generate detailed historical trend information for use in network optimization and troubleshooting


Perform configuration changes and software upgrades
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