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Broadband wireless mesh technology

Hitachi Energy’s Broadband wireless mesh technology is specifically designed to meet the demands of IP-based applications for industrial operations in the Utility, Oil &Gas, Mining, and Smart City markets.

Hitachi Energy Wireless networks are field-proven by our customers to meet the essential operating requirements for critical infrastructure by providing high reliability, high capacity, and low latency networks needed to support current and future applications, with enterprise-class security.

Hitachi Energy Wireless provides the right solution for industrial communication networks, with benefits that include:

Optimized Technology Mix: Hitachi Energy’s wireless communication portfolio can be deployed to meet the requirements of modern applications while minimizing cost and infrastructure.

Interoperability/Open Standards: Hitachi Energy’s Wireless networks can interoperate with other standards-based components.

Multi-Use Network: Hitachi Energy’s Wireless networks support multiple applications and user groups. Hitachi Energy Wireless networks support multi-megabits per second (Mbps) throughput; scale to a capacity of more than 1 terabyte (TB) per day; and have latency low enough to support most latency-sensitive applications

High Availability and Reliability:  Hitachi Energy Wireless field communication networks support mission-critical applications with high availability, reliability, resilience, and redundancy in communication paths.  Hitachi Energy Wireless patented technology provides a self-healing network including such features as predictive wireless routing protocol, dynamic channel selection, adaptive noise immunity, and other advanced RF resource management techniques.

Security: Hitachi Energy Wireless networks support a multi-layer, security architecture that extends from the core to the edge, The Hitachi Energy Wireless network support certificate-based, next-generation Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) security using a public key infrastructure (PKI) and zero-touch provisioning.

Distributed Architecture: The Hitachi Energy Wireless mesh architecture is fully distributed. It does not rely on a centralized controller for its operation, avoiding single-points-of-failure and eliminating bottlenecks. Its distributed intelligence performs functions including network optimization, path selection and routing, and enforcing security and QoS policies.

Centralized Management: Hitachi Energy Wireless routers are managed by Supros - a centralized, enterprise-class network management system. Supros provides network visibility and manageability for all of the Hitachi Energy wireless portfolio, encompassing current and future products.

Tropos mesh combines the industry's most sophisticated mesh networking intelligence, designed to optimize throughput in any dynamic and metro-scale outdoor networks. The Tropos mesh networks are purpose-built hardware, ruggedized, and weatherized to withstand extreme operating environments.  

Tropos Mesh OS, the cornerstone of the decentralized Tropos network architecture, is a common software platform that runs on every router across the network, leveraging on-board intelligence to monitor and maximize performance.

The Hitachi Energy Wireless network is managed by Supros, a comprehensive and scalable NMS platform.  Supros supports the implementation and optimization of the infrastructure, as well as ongoing monitoring and management of network Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). 

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