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Cellular Technology

Secure, Reliable Wireless for Critical Infrastructure

Confidently deploy Hitachi Energy wireless solutions to gain high reliability, high capacity, and low latency for your critical infrastructure. Equipped with enterprise-class security, our cellular communication technology is industry-born and specifically designed to support utility operations, oil and gas production, mining facilities, and smart city technology both today and tomorrow.

Conquer Challenges

Industrial Networks Demand Industrial Solutions

Your industrial communications network poses unique challenges for wireless routers. You need longevity, reliability, and durability while navigating the realities of mission-critical requirements, extreme weather, and cost.

Coverage gaps

How can you cost-effectively extend your network or fill cellular gaps in remote locations while delivering reliable service?

Harsh environments

Extreme temperatures, dust, moisture, and vibrations can wreak havoc on networks. How can you avoid costly downtime and unreliable communication?


You want your network to last 15 to 20 years, but new assets and apps appear each day. How do you prepare for future third-party devices, apps, and interconnectivity?

Explore Our Wireless Routers

Affordably extend your existing infrastructure and reduce capex with Hitachi Energy’s TRO600 wireless hybrid portfolio. You can manage all the devices with SuprOS, a carrier-grade network management system that offers comprehensive network visibility for efficient operations.

Industry Examples