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SDM600 functionality joins RTU560 flexibility

Hitachi Energy’s system data management software (SDM600) now comes in a compact RTU560 housing. Adapted SDM600 functionality can be seamlessly integrated into existing, or new, RTU560-based substation automation systems. 

Features for trusted software in a proven housing:

  • Data management - Automatic disturbance recorder, file collection and visualization
  • Security management - System wide cybersecurity event logging
  • Service management - Tracking software and configuration versions of IEC 61850 IEDs

Application example

Imagine a city in Europe with more than 1.4 million inhabitants the traffic and the challenges such a metropolis brings in maintaining a distribution network. Read the full article about our application example here.

Your benefits:

  • SDM600 improves your efficiency in disturbance recorder and cybersecurity related tasks
  • Vendor neutral implementation allows the implementation of sub devices.
  • Compact housing – SDM600 and the RTU Human Machine Interface (HMI) packed into one device
  • Space and cost savings based on minimal installation time, preconfigured installation
  • Standard protocols – Communication based on vendor-independent standard protocols including IEC 61850 and IEC 62351-8

Product information

Rack-based RTU560 units (part of the RTU500 series) provide a flexible, modular design and maximum expandability. They are suitable for complex configurations with many data points, e.g. IEC 61850 installations, and offer various redundancy concepts. For more information about the RTU500 series, visit this page.

Comprehensive SDM600 software solutions provide automatic service and cybersecurity-relevant data management in substations. For more information about SDM600 software, visit this page.

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