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Sustainable Electrification for Mining

Reliable energy systems for a sustainable mining future

We offer flexible and scalable energy optimization solutions. Mining companies use our energy management technology and products to improve energy efficiency, optimize production, boost profitability and reduce environmental impact through mining safety operations.

Grid Edge Solutions

Whether it’s achieving energy autonomy, unlocking new economic opportunities, or effectively managing renewables and DER, we’re your source for energy innovation and transition.

Emissions Tracking

Get automated end-to-end emissions tracking and management, from capturing emissions allowances, offsets, and credits, and inventory management to meet industry compliance regulations.

Renewable Solutions

Whether you’re looking to leverage wind, solar or energy storage, our comprehensive solutions can help drive the efficiency and reliability needed to reach your sustainability goals.

Knowledge base

Reducing energy costs and environmental impacts of off-grid mines

Maximize energy efficiency and minimizing CO2 emissions for your site

Meet the challenges of efficient utilization of electric power and grid code compliance

power plant engineer for substation

A new energy future is taking shape in the mining industry.

Let us partner with you on your journey to digitalization.