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System Protection

Standard monitoring, control, and measurement functionality give you a perfect overview of the status of your distribution network. Adding the protection applications will make sure the power flow is only interrupted when absolutely required, assuring the highest reliability and quality of service for your own customers.

With the increasing amount of renewable energy resources in the grid, the need for accurate selectivity was never higher. This makes our distribution automation protection system the perfect fit for renewable integration applications.

Profit from unseen reliability, selectivity, and simplicity for your grid.



  • Remote monitoring, control, measurement, and protection
  • Fault Detection, Isolation, and Restoration of Power (FDIR)
  • Low and medium voltage energy measurements with the highest accuracy
  • Advances fault location information for system restoration and verification
  • Transfer-trip to prevent unwanted islanding
  • Utilize existing infrastructure to its full potential
  • Accurate situational awareness within the distribution network
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • SAIDI (System Average Interruption Index)
  • SAIFI (System Average Interruption Frequency Index)
  • Minimize outage time
  • Reduce non-technical losses

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