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Synergy in energy: T-Sync™ tap-changers

Achieving top performance in the face of tomorrow’s energy demands is a big challenge. Hitachi Energy is helping our customers to meet that challenge. As a world leader in transformer components, we provide a unique combination of tap-changer technology, deep expertise, and support that adapts to our customer’s needs. Because it is only by working in sync that we create synergy in energy.

It is a partnership to get the best performance out of assets over their entire lifespan, including training and support in self-maintenance. While open design means that our technology easily integrates with existing assets, choosing from our comprehensive vacuum and oil tap-changer portfolio could not be easier with our Compas selection tool. 

Key benefits


Our Offerings

Vacuum on-load tap-changers

Conventional on-load tap-changers (OLTC)

Motor-drive mechanisms

De-energized tap-changers and switches


Composite insulators

TXpert™ Ready Sensors

Delivery times for transformer components

Insulation Components

Insulation components and materials

Interactive tools

Measurement and safety devices

Mechanical components and valves

De-energized tap-changers and switches

Transformer Insulation and Components

power plant engineer for substation
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