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Power Consulting

Solving tomorrow’s power challenges today

We help our customers identify their challenges and recommend tailored solutions for their specific needs. Power Consulting operates as an independent organization that is product and system-agnostic with deeply embedded knowledge of technologies, standards, and local grid codes worldwide.


Our offering

Hitachi Energy incorporates a comprehensive, risk-based approach that ensures a balance between risk, cost, and performance for the life cycle of assets. We provide guidance for our customers for doing “the right work, on the right asset, at the right time.”

Better manage your assets

Power Consulting can support customers to deal with the challenges of the 3Ds – digitalization, decentralization, and decarbonization, by finding the optimal digital solution through our deep understanding of the energy sector and our customers’ business.

Finding the optimal digital solution

Our consultants can help utilities analyze regional scenarios with different e-mobility diffusion levels, illustrate potential challenges caused by the uncontrollable charging in different parts of power systems, and demonstrate technical solutions which can mitigate potential grid issues.

Exploring the impacts of E-Mobility on the power grid

We can help customers defining their energy strategy and support in relevant decision-making processes. Our team provides a robust and precise understanding of regulatory frameworks and underlying economics and markets dynamics that are key throughout the decision-making process.

Evaluating your energy strategy

Hitachi Energy has experience in working with many types of power facilities and has experience in assisting our customers in addressing requirements such as power factor, harmonic, voltage flicker or voltage fluctuation, and protective relaying requirements.

Ensure your power quality

We provide open courses that are available to the public to register, on-demand courses that can be organized for your company, and tailored courses that can be created to fit your company’s unique need. We can help address issues of electrical network strategy, planning, operations, capacity building, efficiency, stability, security, reliability, and resiliency.


Planning a 16 kV target distribution grid

Energy Thun AG, Switzerland

Power Consulting: Solving tomorrow's challenges today


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