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Active harmonic filter PQactiF

Higher flexibility and modularity for improved power quality

Hitachi Energy's active harmonic filter PQactiF is the modular, flexible, high-efficiency solution for modern power networks’ problems of ‘pollutants’, like harmonics, low power factor and unbalances.

PQactiF protects critical industrial, residential and commercial applications, solving tough power quality problems for all types of applications and customers globally. PQactiF has advanced features like active harmonic filtering, reactive power compensation, load balancing and enhanced communication capabilities, as a one-stop solution for power quality management. PQactiF helps make installations compliant with prevailing power quality regulations by mitigating harmonic pollution, load unbalance and reactive power.

PQactiF is available in a wide range of ratings, to serve a wide range of consumer applications. Its modular design allows flexibility in installation and integration. The inherent energy-efficient design, coupled with remote accessibility feature through WiFi and the optional user-friendly graphical user interface, make PQactiF a highly preferred solution for all segments of electricity consumers, system integrators and OEM’s.


  • All types of industrial installations
  • Infrastructure facilities, like corporate parks, hotels or data storage facilities
  • OEM integration, eg to make drive packages comply with harmonic standards in a cost efficient way

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • More than 20 years experience in active filtering solutions
  • Compliance to grid standards and norms
  • Integration of load balancing, power factor compensation and harmonics filtering features into one package.
  • Suitability for majority of segments like commercial and infrastructure segments, food & beverage, water segment, transportation segment etc.
  • Solutions for both end users and integrators
  • High energy efficiency
  • Worldwide commissioning and troubleshooting support

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