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Ensuring grid stability with HVDC solutions

The HVDC technology can provide more secure and optimized control of the network's load flow, as well as quick power restoration in the event of a significant disturbance, even a blackout. HVDC transmissions can compensate for fluctuations in power, voltage and frequency, making it an ideal technology for stabilizing a power system. In addition, more DC links will contribute to reduced system losses, increased transmission capacity and improved power quality.

Today, the grid stability enhancement is becoming more and more important for network operators and is important to be addressed when considering the various alternatives of a power transmission investments.

This webinar will give you better understanding about how our HVDC solutions ensure the stability of the grid. We will also demonstrate our Grid Stability App revealing how the HVDC technology is working to enhance grid stability.

Join us to learn how the HVDC technology from Hitachi Energy makes it possible to increase stability and controllability of the grid and retain power transmission in the network.