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Hitachi Energy bushings for AC transformers and reactors

Our bushings are an essential component of AC transformers and reactors, helping to ensure that these critical pieces of equipment operate safely and reliably over the long term.


Bushings for AC applications

Hitachi Energy helps power stations around the world with bushing solutions.

Hitachi Energy bushings are electrical insulation components that are designed for AC transformers and reactors. They typically provide a high-voltage connection between the transformer or reactor and an external circuit while also ensuring that the high-voltage is safely insulated from the surrounding environment.

Hitachi Energy bushings are made to specifically fulfill the needs of AC reactors and transformers, which run at high voltages and currents. They are typically constructed from premium materials that can handle severe electrical and mechanical stresses, such as porcelain or composite materials.

The bushings come in various forms, including oil-filled and dry-type bushings, and are compatible with a wide range of transformers and reactors. Oil-filled bushings are commonly utilized in transformers with liquid insulation, whereas dry-type bushings are employed in transformers with solid insulation.​

Hitachi Energy bushings are built to withstand various environmental conditions, including high temperatures, humidity, and vibration. They are also engineered to exceed international requirements for safety and reliability. Additionally, they are made to be simple to install and maintain, and they come with various features, such as monitoring systems and diagnostic tools, that can help identify possible faults before they escalate into more significant difficulties.

30+ products for AC applications

Not sure about your perfect fit? Our product catalog provides easy access to detailed information about all our bushings for AC applications and more.

Why choose our bushings?


Designed to handle high-voltage levels up to 1,200 kV and high current levels up to 8,000 A


Can be customized to fit your specific requirements, such as different sizes, shapes, and mounting options


Designed to withstand high levels of vibration, ensuring reliable operation in high-speed and high-frequency applications.


Bushings for AC transformers and reactors are designed to minimize partial discharge, reducing the risk of insulation breakdown and increasing the overall reliability of the electrical system.
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Introducing Hitachi's AirRIP® technology

Powered by our vast experience from designing thousands of bushings, AirRIP® flex reveals a new universe of solutions. Enabling transformer manufacturers and operators to accelerate their value creation endeavors, AirRIP® flex delivers customized and certified bushings through an efficient purchasing process & product delivery, easy installation, and product upgrade facilities. AirRIP® flex bushings are completely dry, explosion-proof, and fire-resistant, allowing high application temperatures.  AirRIP® flex is produced in a wide variety of designs and can easily fulfill specific customer requirements.

AirRIP® flex benefits


Reduced levels of partial discharge compared to conventional bushings


Certified by independent institutions for alternative transformer fluids


Certified or highest seismic resistance (IEEE-693-2018) by utilizing a lightweight and FEM-optimized product design


Insulator based on a fiber-reinforced epoxy tube with silicone rubber coating and sheds

More from our oil-air offering

Leading edge technology with HIRIP®/RTXF

HIRIP outdoor transformer bushings are designed for the most demanding high-current applications. The dry bushing technology provides users with safety and quality performance uniquely combined with thermal and electrical engineering developments for applications up to 40,000 amperes. Hitachi Energy has access to comprehensive resources, especially in high-voltage engineering, materials research, and applied physics. The continuously improved design of our RIP high-voltage bushings sets new standards regarding quality, reliability, and safety.

Combining best practice with EasyDry®

Through continuous investments in research & development, Hitachi Energy became the inventor of the paperless, Resin Impregnated Synthetics (RIS) bushing technology. In our flagship EasyDry® RIS line, we have substituted traditional paper insulation with homogeneous synthetic material, resulting in superior product properties and lifetime.