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Measurement devices

A flexible extension modules for the RTU500 series

RTU’s Modbus multimeter devices enable direct voltage, current, and power measurement. Multimeters provide for detailed monitoring of the network. To locate a fault, multimeters offer fault current detection with directional information.

Standalone Modbus devices increase and reliable information about the network protects your investments and allows for precise new investments, if need be.

RTU’s multimeter devices

Our Offering

560CVD03 Multimeter, 1A/5A, 3U3I (with display)

It can be set to automatically change the screen of measurement page and each screen display every 6 seconds.

  • CT/VT interface with 3 voltage and 3 current inputs for direct monitoring of 3 wire 85…400 V AC
  • 1 A/ 5 A inputs from AC transformers
  • Serial interface to RTU500 (RS-485)
  • With display on front

500CVD21 Multimeter with FCD, 4U/24I

  • CT/VT interface with inputs for direct monitoring of 3/4 wire 10…500 V AC
  • 1 A/ 5 A current inputs
  • Serial interface to RTU500 series (RS-485)

500CVD90 Multimeter

  • New improved Hardware platform (with spare capacity for project specific extensions (4xU, 4xI, Modbus interface, 24-60 VDC power supply, 2 binary outputs, 5 signalization LEDs, metal housing)
  • Measurement functions
  • Power quality analysis according to IEC61000-4-30 (harmonics, voltage dips/unbalance, Flicker, low-frequency oscillation)
  • Up to 31st harmonics (64 samples per cycle)
  • Accuracy (U,I): 0,2 %
  • Fault detection function (ANSI, IEC)
  • Disturbance recorder with COMTRADE file support, 4 seconds, 8 analogs, 8 binary signals
  • Local signalization, fault forward/backward, programmable

500CVD91 Multimeter

  • The fault detection module 500CVD91 is designed to support the Hitachi Energy sensor modules (voltage divider and Rogowski coil, KECA, KEVA, KEVCD) for measurand and ANSI fault detection functions like over current, overcurrent direction, under/over voltage, earth fault detection, disturbance recorder.
  • Interface for voltage and current sensors for 3 phase power system application
  • One CT interface (1A) for residual or neutral current
  • Serial interface to RTU500 (RS-485)
  • Fault current detection (FPI) up to 20xIN, directional information
  • Power Quality Standard IEC61000-4-30
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