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RTU500 series function and software

For appropriate functionality of specific requirements the RTU500 series offers one software to support all product lines.

Data archives

Data archives in RTU500 series products provide archive functions on non-volatile compact flash for events, measurements, counter values, security events, disturbance files of protection relays and load profiles of metering devices.

The information of the archives are accessible via web server functionality and file transfer (e.g. with IEC 60870-5-101 and DNP3.0).

Disturbance files can be uploaded via IEC 60870-5-103, SPA bus and IEC 61850 and stored in the RTU. All information accessible via web server are protected by the user account management.


System diagnosis in RTU500 series products is an important function within the web server which is integrated into RTU500 series. The web server, a powerful tool for commissioning and troubleshooting, can be accessed via a PC with user authorization. 

Within system diagnosis, important system events and process data of the RTU are visualized. 

Different visualization modes display all required information, providing users with an updated and precise overview of the system events within RTU for a secure control of the complete system.

Network interfaces

The RTU500 series supports integrated serial and Ethernet communication interfaces. The number of communication interfaces can be adapted according to system requirements by using the appropriate type and number of CMUs.

RTU500 software series

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Hitachi Energy's RTUs allow for communication with up to 16 host sys­tems and up to 150 sub devices, e.g. IEDs. Each subdevice which is connected to the RTU is supervised by the system diagnosis of the RTU.

The standard protocols which are supported by the RTU are:

  • IEC 60870-5-101/-102/-103/-104
  • IEC 61850-8-1
  • DNP3, serial and TCP/IP
  • Modbus serial and TCP/IP
  • Meter interfaces
  • Other specific protocols are available on request

For the host communication, the IEC 61850 client (gateway) enables the communication between the IEC 61850 station bus and network control centers. Existing I/Os and non IEC 61850 supporting sub devices can be integrated into the IEC 61850 station bus using the IEC 61850 server.

RTU500 series includes PLC functions to enable Hitachi Energy's RTUs to run user-specific applications. These applications are gene­rated and compiled according to IEC 61131-3 supporting the following programming languages:

  • Function Block Diagram (FBD)
  • Ladder Diagram (LD)
  • Sequential Function Chart (SFC)
  • Instruction List (IL)
  • Structured Text (ST)

The remote downloading of PLC projects via file transfer with standardized protocols (e.g. IEC 60870-5-101 and DNP3) is supported. Furthermore, PLC functions enable reverse engineering from uploaded PLC projects.

The Human machine interface (HMI) which is integrated in the RTU provides easy station monitoring and control based on web server technology. This solution simplifies the data engineering.

The HMI functions supported by the RTU560 for station visualization and control provide static and dynamic com­ponents, events and alarm list, system events and trend charts.

Own symbols can be defined in order to visualize the station in a flexible way.

For the synchronization with different time zones and several redundant time servers the RTU500 series supports different synchronization modes:

  • TCP/IP based network (SNTP, NTP)
  • Real-time clock (GPS)
  • External minute pulse
  • via protocols like IEC870-5 or DNP3

The time base operates with a time resolution of 1 ms.

The RTU500 series functions and software offer engineering tools for the complete product portfolio. 

Data engineering can be carried out using the RTUtil500, the windows-based software for Hitachi Energy's RTUs. The engineering principle complies with IEC 61346-1 standard.

MS-Excel is used for process signal engineering and mapping as well as for data import and export to and from other systems. Debugging functions like consistency checks are integrated into RTUtil500.

Configuration data can be transferred to the RTU via network or protocol transfer functions.

Typical concept for secondary distribution automation.

  • User centric design leading to easy and intuitive handling
  • User friendliness
    • Mouse over information
    • Drag and drop functionality
    • Simple language switching possible
    • Quick tips
    • Modern look and feel
  • Future proof technology
    • Multiple platform compatibility
    • Enhanced configuration management
      • Back-up/Roll-back functionality
      • Easy configuration restoration
  • Enhanced diagnostic functionality
    • Fast trouble shooting
    • Logging of fleeting user messages

The RTU500 series respond to the needs of the power industries and assure a high level of cybersecurity. User access control, security logging, hardware hardening are implemented according to NERC-CIP and IEEE 1686. In addition the implemented cybersecurity functions support users to fulfill the requirements of the BDEW Whitepaper: "Requirements for secure control and telecommunication systems"

RTU features are:

  • User access control, including user account management, role-based access control and password complexity
  • Secure communication for web server, VP functionality and Secure IEC 60870-5-104 communication (IEC 62351-3)
  • Security logging such as local logging, external security clients and security events to control system
  • Manipulation protection
  • Patch management
  • System hardening
  • Network access control (Authentication) according to IEE 802.1X.

Get to know more via the RTU cybersecurity flyer.


  • Simulation of Process data by Webserver interface
  • Allows the testing of RTU functions in office environment
  • Allows remote access via web interface
  • Download a log files of the test cases


  • Cost reduction during engineering, testing, commissioning, FAT, SAT
  • No additional Hardware for simulation and monitoring required
  • Required in several customer specifications
  • Applicable in all product lines

SuprOS is the comprehensive fleet management system for distribution and communication solutions, ideal for secondary distribution automation together with TRO600 series of wireless routers.

MicroSCADA X SDM600 is ideal for substation automation applications, enabling monitoring and management of the grid.

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