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Extensions, Upgrades & Retrofits

Hitachi Energy offers extensions, upgrades and retrofits of all kinds for transmission and distribution substations and infrastructure.

Our services help customers around the globe to address growing demand for energy trading, integration of new generation and high-quality power supply to residential, commercial and industrial consumers.

Upgrades and retrofits enable substation owners and operators to benefit from advances in technology. Improving performance or functionality of existing systems boosts substation capacity and productivity while raising operational and maintenance efficiency and safety.

Hitachi Energy also offers condition and risk analysis of your assets including comparison of various technical alternatives aimed at mitigating identified risks. The inclusion of customer-specific criteria and objectives such as initial investment, cost of ownership, cost of interruption and mean time between failures, among others, supports well-founded and effective decision making.


Reliability Space

A tailored program that gives a detailed snapshot of the current situation of an existing or new to-be-built substation.


An open and transparent digital partnership agreement that combines asset management software with Hitachi Energy's expertise.

Hitachi Energy’s Grid Integration business

EconiQ™ Implementation

Hitachi Energy offers cutting-edge sustainability services to calculate, cut and compensate for your environmental impact.

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