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TXpert™ Enabled distribution transformers

Intelligent digital technology to maximize transformer’s return on investment.

A TXpert Enabled distribution transformer is an essential component of the TXpert Ecosystem.

The TXpert Enabled distribution transformer is equipped with an array of TXpert Ready sensors that collate data which is then utilized by the TXpert Hub to deliver actionable intelligence by providing valuable information on how the transformer and grid are operating.

As an open system, TXpert supports new and existing distribution transformers from Hitachi Energy as well as other manufacturers. It is available for both liquid-filled and dry-type transformers.

TXpert Enabled distribution transformers can come with built-in capabilities from the factory, or the existing installed transformers can be upgraded with the TXpert technology.


Why TXpert Enabled distribution transformers?

TXpert Enabled distribution transformer is equipped with smart hardware and software components needed to track, report, and trend the transformer’s performance. 

Users are, thus, enabled to make informed decisions for reducing unplanned outages, optimizing operational expenses, and maximizing transformer utilization. 

  • First of its kind in the world
  • Reduces unplanned outages by tracking transformer performance and delivering advance warning of potential threats
  • Moves transformer maintenance from a time-based to a condition-based strategy to optimize operations by focusing on the transformers that need attention
  • Improved transformer utilization by reliably delivering insightful ‘spent-life’ analysis to make an informed business decision on whether to extend the life of or early retire a transformer
  • Increased productivity and profitability

  • Local and remote monitoring with wired and wireless connectivity
  • Interactive GUI for ease of use in the field
  • Inference and predictive analytics
  • Easy access to data through manual export and automated data push
  • On-board data storage with multiple levels of encryption

  • Oil-free dry-type digital transformer technology
  • 7,200 A current in LV winding
  • Secondary up to 15 kV
  • Multi-layer cybersecurity
  • Indoor & Outdoor application

  • Liquid-filled distribution transformer technology
  • Up to 10 MVA
  • Primary up to 36 kV
  • Secondary up to 5kV and soon 15 kV
  • ANSI and IEC standards
  • Applications: utilities, renewables, oil & gas, industrial and data centers

  • Respectful with people and property
  • 130 years of experience in manufacturing transformers
  • State-of-the-art transformer technology
  • Custom-made solution to withstand physical and operating constraints
  • Global and comprehensive support network, providing 24/7 assistance and service

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