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TXpert™ Hub: Digitalization for every transformer*

TXpert™ Hub: Digitalize every transformer

TXpert™ Hub is the heart of Hitachi Energy’s TXpert™ Ecosystem. It enables you to take simple steps to digitalize your transformer; liquid-filled or dry; new or retrofitted; regardless of its brand.

TXpert™ Hub collects data from sensors, watches interdependencies, and trends their evolution based on configurable thresholds. It acts as the secure firewall for communication going up from or down to the transformer, allowing safe remote monitoring.

The open, scalable, and manufacturer-agnostic TXpert™ Hub grants flexibility to integrate and qualify third-party devices as TXpert™ Ready Sensors, collecting data seamlessly from other new and existing equipment.

TXpert™ Hub’s simple pre-packaged offering is modular and scalable, allowing the users to start small and expand with time or with changing conditions of the asset. It also unlocks entry to a complete ecosystem of software, services, and solutions which enables Hitachi Energy to customize its offerings and services to your needs.

TXpert™ Hub is built with cybersecurity at its core. It is industry-leading, with 3rd party certification and continuous monitoring of threats. It is certified IEC 62443-4-2, conforms to IEEE1686, and enables conformity to NERC-CIP standards. Thanks to an IEC 62443-4-1 and ISO27001 certified development team.

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Unified approach across transformer applications:

The prepackaged offering of TXpert™ Hub allows us to answer most customer needs, but it can also be engineered to fit your specific requirements. All options are offered for new or retrofit applications. However, some limitations might exist due to the transformer design.

The topology of the Distribution grid is evolving and becoming much more complex. Real-time information is increasingly fundamental for efficient operation. TXpert™ enabled digital distribution transformers are ideally suited for this - enabling the integration of renewables, industry, and infrastructure applications.

Our TXpert™ Hub Dry Basic allows temperature monitoring of up to three windings and cooling control based on configurable thresholds. This helps extend the lifetime of a transformer by cooling the windings to avoid insulation degradation.

Our TXpert™ Hub Dry Basic + allows, additionally, to calculate hotspots and aging of the transformers. As well as meter-grade power quality measurements like harmonics, power factor, or current and voltage imbalance. These greater analytics allow the user to understand the impact of external factors like renewables, electric charging stations, or increased demand on the transformer and the grid.


Our Applications

wind turbines in the Oiz eolic park

Wind Farm

Analyze transformer ageing due to repetitive fluctuations in wind conditions.

  • TXpert™ Hub Dry Basic+ in the nacelle
  • TXpert™ Hub Power Transformer Basic in the substations
Aerial photo of new energy solar photovoltaic panels outdoors at sunrise

Solar Farm

Recognize premature signs of degradation due to prolonged high temperatures exposure

  • TXpert™ Hub Distribution Transformer Basic

Data Center

Track all health KPIs of your assets centrally, while using cyber-secure monitoring systems and services.

  • TXpert™ Hub Distribution Transformer Basic+ and Power Transformer Advanced
  • APM Edge


Understand the effects of the increasing number of charging stations on your grid

  • TXpert™ Hub Distribution Transformer Basic+
Aerial view of a high voltage substation.

TSO Substation

Avoid dispatching personnel to the site, reducing associated costs and risks

  • TXpert™ Hub Power Transformer Basic+
  • APM Edge
  • TXpert™ Remote Services
Hydro electric Electricity power plant  - powerplant waterfall over dam after storm

Power Generation Plant

Tap into OEM and service expertise to plan and execute adequate maintenance

  • TXpert™ Hub Power Transformer Basic+
  • APM Edge
  • TXpert™ Services

Metal Plant

Understand overload capability to unlock momentary increases in production

  • TXpert™ Hub Power Transformer Advanced
Aerial drone view of petrol industrial zone or oil refinery in Yaroslavl, Russia during sunset time.

Chemical Plant

Delay an unplanned shutdown to suit your established schedule

  • TXpert™ Hub Power Transformer Basic+Remote Services

Built on decades of transformer monitoring experience, CoreTec™ 5 enables making smarter decisions based on data-driven intelligence on the current and future operational health of your transformer assets.

Fully configurable, it can integrate vendor-agnostic TXpert™ Ready sensors, aggregating signals like temperature, current, voltage, dissolved gases, bushing electrical signals, tap-changer mechanical changes, and others.

The collected data is converted into actionable intelligence based on IEC and IEEE standards boosted by Hitachi’s Energy expertise in manufacturing and servicing transformers.

Built-in, networking, wireless, and cellular capabilities enable secure remote monitoring of substation or cloud services with minimal investments. Cybersecurity hardware and software hardening are certified by third-party agencies.


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*some limitations exist on HVDC transformers.

power plant engineer for substation

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