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TXpert Services

Intelligent asset management based on digital monitoring and diagnostics connectivity provided by the TXpert Ecosystem that triggers the right actions at the right time

Our TXpert™ Services offer you advanced diagnostic services based on data and intelligence of the open, scalable, and manufacturer-agnostic TXpert™ Ecosystem - a complete suite of products, software, services, and solutions that work together.

Monitoring improves the reliability of the assets by constantly keeping a watchful eye on the most critical transformer components. Online monitoring is an effective tool to increase performance, reduce failure risks, and cut maintenance costs. Compared to traditional diagnostic methods performed on-site with the transformer de-energized, monitoring gives you, the asset owner, access to real-time condition information, even from remote locations. When changes in conditions are detected, you are notified immediately.

Through remote access, the status of the equipment can be evaluated without dispatching an engineer to the site, saving both valuable time and resources. Since monitoring detects condition changes in real-time - versus periodically with traditional diagnostic methods - you have time to plan and act before faults occur.

With the help of our TXpert Services, you, as an asset owner, can decide the level of digitalization for your transformer, which will help you determine the right course of action by having complete visibility and control over the performance of your asset or fleet.

These services can also be designed as packaged solutions or long-term agreements.

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