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A cost-effective digital solution with ease of entry for new and existing transformers. APM Edge supports the transition from time-based to condition-based maintenance operations.

Unscheduled downtime can cost utilities and industries millions of dollars. APM Edge provides transformer Asset Managers actionable insights to minimize the risk of unplanned outages and prioritize investment decisions, all while being scalable from one transformer up to an entire enterprise.

APM (asset performance management) Edge software

The challenges of transformer Asset Performance Management (APM)

Risk, reliability, and ROI

Maintaining a fleet of transformers is more challenging than ever. Utilities and industrials are facing increasing pressures to reduce risk and improve reliability while delivering greater ROI from assets.

Leading utilities and industrials are looking to meet these challenges by minimizing maintenance surprised and gaining greater certainty over transformer performance and investment decisions.

Loss of experience

An aging workforce means less on-site skill and experience within operations, maintenance, and engineering teams.

Aging assets

As transformers age, companies are looking for more effective ways to maintain their aging assets.

Market pressures

Competitive challenges mean a continuing need to improve reliability and customer satisfaction.

Margin pressures

Heightened cost and profitability challenges are forcing companies to identify strategies for increasing plant availability while decreasing maintenance spend.

Network complexity

As technology advances and components become digitalized, maintenance requires higher knowledge and expertise because of increased amounts of data and the addition of renewables.

Data management

Inadequate historical data and past performance visibility increase the direct and indirect costs of unscheduled transformer downtime.

Minimize maintenance surprises and provide certainty for transformer performance and investment decisions.

APM Edge is a quick and cost-effective entry into transformer asset management. It combines Hitachi Energy's industry-leading Asset Performance Management software (APM) with proven transformer expertise in a compact package that grows with you. Enabled by the data and intelligence of the TXpert™ Ecosystem and optimized to enhance the functionality of digital transformers (manufactured by Hitachi Energy or others), it permits asset owners to leverage their online and offline data to drive more intelligent, risk-based approaches to asset management.

APM Edge

APM Edge identifies risks early to prevent unscheduled transformer outages.

With APM Edge, you can replace inaccurate and costly time-based maintenance schedules with condition-based maintenance to reduce maintenance and operation costs and optimize asset utilization.


Runs on an independent network or intranet. Reduces your security risks by meeting our stringent Cyber Security Standards based on industry requirements.

Expert system

Features a human-trained deterministic model that statistically cleanses and correlates data components to each other and known failure modes. It identifies and delivers actionable intelligence, including maintenance recommendations.


Compatible with most manufacturers' devices and plug-and-play with Hitachi Energy's digital ecosystem, including CoreTec™ 4 monitoring platform, CoreSense™ DGA, and the TXpert™ digital power transformer.

Monitoring and analytics

Combines all online and offline data into a common schema, plots, and trends and compares these data with globally recognized standards (IEEE, IEC). Visualizes data points to identify and predict risks while optimizing asset performance more accurately.

Data management

Combines online, offline, test data, and individual asset documentation from different systems into one location. Eliminates the need for a historian and increases data organization to improve administrative efficiencies.

Dynamic transformer management

Leverages patented algorithms and deep historical knowledge of transformer data. Continuously provides true failure probability.

Peace of mind

APM Edge Peace of Mind

Trust your transformer asset management to the world leader in transformer manufacturing and asset performance management.

Should you be investing in APM Edge? Is APM right for you?

Are you experiencing high-maintenance costs?
Are you dealing with an aging transformer fleet or a skills gap emerging in your workforce?
Are you having issues with data warehousing and leveraging it for better decision-making?
Is your transformer failure rate higher than expected?
Would you benefit from an APM solution that is cost-effective and quick to install?


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TXpert™ Ecosystem

TXpert™ is an open, scalable, manufacturer-agnostic ecosystem for digitalization of transformers, designed to drive data-driven intelligence and decision making in the operations and maintenance of transformers and Hitachi Energy.

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Hitachi Energy offers online monitoring and asset management solutions, including diagnostic consulting services.

EnCompass™ Agreements for Transformer Service

Hitachi Energy offers long-term EnCompass™ Agreements, which combine Transformer services in a modular and flexible way.

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