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Wireless communications for renewable energy

Ultra-reliable and secure, low latency communications solutionsfor renewable energy

Global net-zero targets and renewable energy deployments are accelerating the need to digitalize and drive operational efficiencies. Renewable generation operators face scale and divergence challenges – how to connect a growing number of assets across various OEMs and a trend towards offshore environments.  Diverging application requirements require an economically scalable, highly reliable, cyber-secure and future proof communications framework.

  • Real time insights from the renewable asset to the boardroom
  • Reduced downtime and increased asset life
  • Improved operational efficiencies

Hitachi Energy’s wireless communications solutions have already connected island and floating PV systems to onshore remote control centers, enabled cost-efficient retro-fitting of anemometers for tracked PV farms and integrated auxiliaries like CCTV for wind plants. Check the resources section for more information.