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Customer Success Story

Hitachi Energy helps Hanwha-Total manage data to control costs

Hanwha Group is one of the largest business conglomerates in South Korea, with a diversified portfolio of enterprises that includes manufacturing and construction, finance, services and leisure. Hanwha-Total Petrochemicals is a new subsidiary and marks the parent company’s desire to develop its petrochemical business into a global force.

Customer need

Hanwha-Total needed to collect energy consumption data at one of its new petrochemical plants in order to manage costs efficiently. To do this, the company installed a Hitachi Energy MicroSCADA Pro Historian tool, which has the capacity to provide high-resolution data logging, as well as the ability to refine and visualize captured data as trends and reports. The tool collects and stores various types of data in a database designed to archive the history of hundreds of thousands of measurements over long periods of time in an accurate and reliable way.

Hitachi Energy solution

Hitachi Energy provided a MicroSCADA Pro Historian server and engineering work for this project. In addition to the SYS600 substation automation system and Historian function, Hitachi Energy supplied protection relays from the Relion® 615 and 630 series for MV/LV switchgear protection and control as well as 670 series for busbar protection. Differentiating Hitachi Energy from the competition was its ability to provide Historian functionality to Hanwha-Total’s exact specifications.

Customer benefits

Access to accurate plant data is helping Hanwha-Total to save money. The company collects data every day and creates reports using MicroSCADA Pro Historian. With this installation, Hanwha-Total is aware of the new plant’s exact load, and can make better decisions about plant processes and equipment. In addition, if there is a critical issue on site Hanwha-Total can take a quick and appropriate action thanks to Historian’s accurate data collection, which tracks changes in plant data and helps confirm and support operator action. Hanwha-Total is impressed with the simplicity, speed and performance of the system, as well as its reduced disk space requirements.


The advantages of Hitachi Energy’s system include remote relay parameterization, remote disturbance record upload and simplified historical measurement data, to name a few. Hanwha-Total’s Historian installation is an opportunity to showcase the advanced capabilities of this essential datalogging and reporting product, which can easily log, refine and analyze large quantities of data to support essential needs, such as reporting, detailed primary process investigations, long-term archiving and statistics.

Hitachi Energy Substation Automation Products

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