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Cellular Technology


Hitachi Energy Wireless networks are field-proven to meet essential operating requirements for critical infrastructure by providing high reliability, high capacity, and low latency networks needed to support current and future applications, with enterprise-class security.

Hitachi Energy’s Cellular communication technology is specifically designed to meet the demands of critical industrial operations in the Utility, Oil &Gas, Mining, and Smart City markets.

Cellular communication technology

Hitachi Energy Wireless provides the right solution for industrial communication networks, with benefits that include:


Delivering an ‘always-on’, highly availabile, high-performance wireless network, specifically designed for critical operational applications


Through the specialised Supros network management system, industrial operating communication networks can be configured, monitored and managed throughout the deployment and operations lifecycle.


An edge compute platform for low latency, third-party applications and support distributed compute requirements in future.


Backward compatibility and connectivity to legacy devices within an operational network through a range of serial and contact interfaces.


IP67, IEC61850/ IEE1613 certified corrosion-resistant ruggedized option and an ATEX Zone 2 certification for explosive atmospheres.


A multi-layer, security architecture from the core to the edge, certificate-based, next-generation Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) security using a public key infrastructure (PKI), and simple, scalable provisioning.

Reduced CAPEX

A solution that can take advantage of long-haul cellular links, thus reducing intensive CAPEX.

A single device for cellular and self-healing broadband mesh technologies

Hitachi Energy's Tropos TRO600 Wireless hybrid portfolio offers the best of cellular and self-healing broadband mesh technologies integrated into a single device.  All the radios are managed by Supros, a single, carrier-grade, network management system. The TRO600 hybrid offers the optimal combination of industrial wireless technologies to suit multiple industrial use cases. Customers can reap the benefits of digitalization, increased safety, operational efficiency, and reduced operating cost. The TRO600 portfolio builds on the Tropos foundation of high availability, superior reliability, security, throughput, and latency to future-proof essential mission-critical operations in harsh environments.

The modern creative communication and internet network connect in smart city . Concept of 5G wireless digital connection and internet of things future.

Discover how Supros Network Management System supports your wireless portfolio

Our offering


Cellular and 802.11 Mesh Router 
Combining cellular communication technology with Hitachi Energy's patented Broadband Mesh functionality and Edge Compute capability for field area networks and distribution automation.