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Meet Our People 05-06-2023

3 min read

Midori Kimei joins forces with customer to build the green power grid of tomorrow in Japan

Midori Kimei, Business Development and Solution Consultant at Hitachi Energy in Japan

Hello, I am Midori Kimei from Hitachi Energy in Japan. I joined Hitachi Energy in 2014. 

Born in France and raised in the US, I was looking for jobs at foreign companies besides those in organic chemistry, which was my major at university. Motivated by the word of the HR manager, “We utilize the world’s best technology to support Japanese manufacturers to regain their position as top global players,” I decided to join the company. I started as a product marketing specialist for circuit breakers. Several years later, I moved to Hitachi Energy as a Solution Consultant for Energy Portfolio Management1 to handle software products.

Soon after I started in this field, the Organization for Cross-regional Coordination of Transmission Operators (OCCTO)2, a government-authorized organization coordinating utilities, sought a simulation engineer. As I was pregnant then, I started on the secondment three months after giving birth. 

Often working with people from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), and TSOs, I participated in building the first edition of the Japan network “Master Plan,” where I evaluated the benefit of network investment for 2050. How can Japan achieve a greener grid while expanding variable renewable energy and minimizing curtailment? Exploring such a world was an exciting experience.

“Midori” means “green” in Japanese; so-called after the gray winter sky of Paris turns into fresh green. I feel pleasure in working for a world with a greener grid. Today at Hitachi Energy, I’m building a Japan-wide simulation model to enable customers’ further studies. 

Proud to be Hitachi Energy

Hitachi Energy owns intelligent products and solutions. While I joined this company to “utilize the world’s best technology for Japanese customers,” there were few opportunities to see the site where our technology is being used.

At OCCTO, I had the privilege to use Hitachi Energy’s product to draw the future design of Japan’s electric grid. I realized that our products and solutions are changing the world; they are sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

The World Environment Day on June 5 aims to deepen interest in and understanding of environmental conservation and promote proactive efforts toward environmental conservation. We work to ensure the longevity of a greener planet Earth for our children. Hitachi Energy contributes to this process with cutting-edge solutions – directly with substations that reduce CO2 or indirectly with simulation tools searching for solutions that comply with environmental regulations in different countries. 

Diversity makes the most of the individual’s strength. 

“You know, Kimei-san is maybe not so fluent in Japanese,” I often hear people say. 

I was born abroad and spent over ten years outside Japan, but my mother tongue is Japanese. I used to feel depressed whenever I encountered someone speaking of me in such a way. But one day, soon after I came to Power Grids, my boss described it differently: “Midori, your skill in low-context communication is remarkable.” This boosted my self-esteem. 

People have strengths and weaknesses. They are different from person to person, which makes it possible to help each other. 

At Hitachi Energy, each member recognizes others as different individuals and supports their success. It is the professionalism that grants ownership to your career. Thinking about “how I want to be” motivates me in my work today.