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Transforming performance

The shift to a sustainable energy future demands greater flexibility, efficiency and resilience in electricity networks, it requires unlocking the potential of the digital grid.

TXpert enables this by allowing you to take simple steps to digitalize your transformers and see significant leaps in performance.

TXpert is an open, scalable, manufacturer-agnostic ecosystem for digitalization of transformers, designed to drive data-driven intelligence and decision making in the operations and maintenance of transformers and Hitachi Energy.  

It is a complete suite of products, software, services and solutions that work together and have the capability to integrate with new and existing digital equipment from other manufacturers.

Built on over 100 years of pioneering technology and our deep domain knowledge, TXpert gives your transformer the knowledge and intelligence of a thousand transformers.

Let us partner with you on your digital journey for powering good.

Delivers data-driven insights to:

  • Always-on monitoring coupled with advance warning of potential threats helps in avoiding catastrophic failures and unplanned outages
  • Actionable intelligence delivered by TXpert enables Smarter Asset Management which can result in:
    • 50% lower risk of serious failures*
    • 60% reduction in revenue loss due to unanticipated problems/outages*
    • 75% reduction in repair costs due to early detection*


*Source: CIGRE, Technical Brochure 248

  • Data-backed, scientific approach to measuring transformer aging, maintenance can be scheduled based on actual condition rather than a time-based method
  • Operational efforts can be better streamlined to focus on the right transformers at the right time
  • TXpert enables business to even perform remote analytics of transformer based on  condition and determine the need for physical inspection or activities
  • Saves man hours, travel time, costs and resources spent on maintaining transformers that may not need any maintenance
  • Prevents deterioration of the transformers by avoiding failures with continuous monitoring, trending and advance alerts of potential threats
  • Superior ‘end of life’ assessment by TXpert avoids replacing a well-performing transformer before its useful life has been reached
  • Unlocks additional capacity that can be used for same or alternative application for added revenue
  • Facilitates easy integration of renewable generation sources
  • Prevents failures and their consequential environmental impact
  • TXpert allows optimum utilization of the power infrastructure by prolonging the life of the asset with predictive maintenance 

Unlocking the potential of digital grid

TXpert Ecosystem Launch

​The topology of the Distribution grid is evolving, becoming more complex and real time information is becoming fundamental for efficient operation. TXpert enabled digital distribution transformers are ideally suited for this in distribution and micro-grids—enabling the integration of renewables, as well as industry and infrastructure applications.

Either at the heart of the digital substation or as a stand-alone unit, TXpert enabled power transformers provide benefits such as insightful operational data to make informed business decisions, reducing outages and facilitating condition-based maintenance.

​Best in class, scalable asset management systems suit single transformer, sub-stations or complete fleet requirements.

Remote and advanced services, life assessments, robotic inspections and transformer care service agreements help customers better operate and maintain their transformers.

​Data stored and transmitted by the various devices in the TXpert Ecosystem are compliant with latest communications and cybersecurity standards.

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Applicable for all transformer applications across the energy value chain- generation, transmission, distribution, industries and infrastructure

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