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The digitization of primary devices of any rated voltage being connected to any grid has several aspects and is driving essential customer value. This digitization can be:

  • for monitoring, measurement and control of these primary devices,
  • to remotely connect software to control, monitor or manage the primary devices,
  • to use digital advanced features like augmented reality or connected remote services.

On this webpage, you can find the complete digital portfolio for switching electrical energy or components to be used to manage electrical energy.

Digital Control

Condition Monitoring

For switchgears MSM

For switchgears CBS

For generator circuit-breaker GMS600

For surge arrester Wireless monitor

For surge arrester Excount

Partial Discharge detection

Digital Switchgear and Components

Gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) for digital substations

Hybrid Switchgear PASS for digital substations

Low-power instrument transformers to enable GIS digital substations

Connected Software

Circuit-Breakers Asset Health

Power Quality Management

Augmented Reality

Remote support with digital kit

Web Story
11-07-2019 | 2 min read

Configuration of Power Quality Products

Enhancing productivity and efficiency in the sales and installation proces

Mixed Reality

Service Collaboration Center

power plant engineer for substation
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