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PQpluSTM modular units for Battery Energy Storage Systems

Available in two frame sizes, depending on the energy rating needed.

Key characteristics:

  • Modular and scaled primarily for commercial-, industrial, EV-charging- and small renewable integration applications
  • Easy to install and integrate with Energy Management Systems
  • Proven Li-Ion NMC battery technology with Hitachi Energy PQstorITM inverters and Hitachi Energy HVAC system
  • Can be used as building blocks in a broader range of power and energy ratings

For whom?

Integrators and end users working on:

  • Small and medium sized industrial power installations
  • Commercial buildings and datacenters
  • Fast EV-charger infrastructure
  • Renewable energy resource plants

PQpluS can also be integrated by:

  • Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC’s)
  • Energy services companies (ESCO’s)
  • Battery energy storage system aggregators


  • Increasing self-consumption of energy
  • Peak shaving
  • Integration of renewable energy sources and EV- chargers
  • Time-of-use bill management
  • Retail arbitrage

When aggregated into a larger system:

  • Demand-side response programs
  • Site energy management
  • Grid services

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • The modular, scalable and type-tested design of pre-engineered building blocks, reduces engineering and commissioning time
  • Compact design that requires a small footprint, ideal for applications where space is at a premium
  • UL9540A-tested Lithium-ion NMC batteries and modularized, high-efficiency, power conversion solution offering best-in-class safety and performance
  • Can connect to any third-party controller and Energy Management System (EMS)
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