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Release of IED Connectivity Package Ver. for Switchsync PWC600

Switchsync PWC600 is Hitachi Energy's newest generation of point-on-wave controllers, based on the successful Relion® 650 series, version 1.3, of protection and control products. Offering the full functionality and reliability of previous Switchsync products, it additionally comes with Ethernet interfaces, which support modern communication standards, and enhanced functionality towards the user.

Switchsync PWC600 is designed for single-pole operated circuit breakers, controlling each pole to close or open at the point on wave that is optimal for the switched load, the circuit breaker, or power quality.

Switchsync PWC600-M 1.0 controlled switching applications (essential switching operation in parentheses):

  • Capacitor bank (energization)
  • Shunt reactor (de-energization)
  • Power transformer (controlled energization supported by controlled de-energization)
  • Transmission line or power cable (energization)

New features and benefits

This version of the IED Connectivity Package (IED ConnPack) enables the interaction between the Switchsync PWC600 version 1.0 IEDs, which is based on Relion® 650 series version 1.3, and the Protection and control IED manager PCM600 version 2.5 or later.

IED ConnPack enables handling of cybersecurity related information such as IED user management and reading of security events from the Switchsync PWC600.


The supported feature includes

  • Switchsync Setting Tool (SST) – A wizard for the easy configuration of the PWC600-M application
  • Support for multiple PCM600 2.x versions on the same computer

The new features included in SST are

  • Support for additional Hitachi Energy circuit breaker models, for easy configuration
  • Mechanical monitoring limits are defined as deviations from nominal circuit breaker timings

Note: While opening an existing IED in PCM600 project with this revision of the Connectivity package, the limits of mechanical supervision, which are part of circuit breaker data, will get updated. Therefore, it is highly recommended to take a backup of the project before opening SST, after this version of the Connectivity package has been installed.


Supported products

IED Connectivity Package Switchsync PWC600 version is compatible with following:

  • Switchsync PWC600 version 1.0 IEDs
  • Protection and control IED manager PCM600 version 2.5 or later

Installation of this IED Connectivity Package

To install the IED ConnPack for Switchsync PWC600 please follow the instruction below:

  1. Ensure that PCM600 version 2.5 or later has been installed
  2. Install the IED Connectivity Package version for Switchsync PWC600
  3. If not yet installed: Install the IED module for Switchsync PWC600 IED

Please note that this IED Connectivity Package must be installed to be able to interact with the Switchsync PWC600 IEDs via PCM600 tool.


Support for PCM600

The Connectivity Package for Switchsync PWC600 IEDs contains object types and methods for PCM600 tool, including SST and the circuit breaker library. The IED module for Switchsync PWC600 provides support for the following functionalities:

  • Switchsync Setting
  • Application configuration
  • Parameter setting
  • Signal matrix
  • Graphical display editor
  • Signal monitoring
  • Disturbance handling
  • Event viewer (process and security events)
  • User Management

Known issues and limitations

There are known issues and limitations related to the new IED Connectivity Package. For more information please refer to the “IED Connectivity Package ver. for PWC600 - Read Me” file, 1MRG023670.

For more information about this release please read the attached release note.


Kind regards,


Krister Hagman
Global Product Manager
Grid Automation Products
Switchsync™ PWC600
power plant engineer for substation

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