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Release of RTU500 version 12.2

Brings powerful new features

Today we introduce a new release for RTU500. With this release, we bring several new features and enhancements that will make RTU500 series more powerful and safe. This release is supported by the RTU500 series with the product lines RTU560, RTU540 and RTU520.

RTU500 series brings the information from the physical power grid to your SCADA system. The modular Remote Terminal Units (RTU) are designed to meet your needs in transmission and distribution automation, enabling you to have the most efficient solution for your requirements. With the introduction of version 12.2 we provide several new features and corrections for functional issues in RTU500 series related to cybersecurity, engineering improvements, support of new hardware and Windows 10 support.

New features and benefits

A number of new features are included in this release. The key features and their benefits are listed below:

  • IEC 61850 Ed.2 is now supported. IEC 61850 client (gateway) and Server (IED) has been extended to Ed.2 functionality.
  • IEC 60870-5-104 protocol (host communication) is now supported together with TLS 1.2 based on IEC 62351-3. Certificates based on X.509 are used (secure IEC 60870-5-104).
  • IEC 60870-5-104 protocol has been extended for peer to peer functionality (reverse direction).
  • SNMP V2 and V3 protocol can now be used to connect the RTU500 to asset management and TCP/IP net monitoring systems. System events, basic RTU diagnosis info (e.g. FW version, config version, CPU usage) and configurable SPI's can be provided via SNMP. Traps can be configured on request.
  • DNP3 with secure authentication based on IEC62351-5 for host communication is implemented as an extension and tested with MicroSCADA Pro.
  • Control authority handling within a substation has been made easier. Interlocking groups are available now in RTUtil500. PLC function or logic function can be used and EXCEL import is supported. This reduces the complexity of engineering and testing of this function.
  • "Process command settings"-options have been increased by new modes. (e.g. global, global with host priority, configurable, configurable with host priority). New 1 out n check groups are introduced in RTUtil500.
  • Windows 10 OS is now supported by the RTU500 engineering tools (RTUtil500, Multiprog PRO, HMI editor). New license concept introduced for Multiprog 5.
  • Matlab Simulink XML code import and PLCopen interface are now supported by Multiprog PRO.
  • Library protection with Multiprog PRO function. Knowhow and IP of PLC logic can be protected by owner/developer.
  • New hardware as the module 560BOR01 and 560AIR01/02 are fully supported by RTUtil500.
  • Redundant communication to PSI SCADA. Company PSI (Germany/Malaysia) is using a special redundancy scheme for IEC870-5-101 protocol in their SCADA system. RTU500 series supports now this function in the Host communication interface.
  • MODBUS protocol is now supported by TCP/IP to serial converter without buffering function. This results in further cost reduction compared to intelligent devices (with buffering).
  • I35 protocol in Rel 12 is now supported by the new CMU platform. Existing RTU installations can now be migrated to Rel 12.

Technical requirements and supported products

This Release is supported by the RTU500 series with the product lines RTU560, RTU540 and RTU520.

Documentation & marketing material

The product guides, technical manuals, technical summary sheets and brochures are available via

Ordering and delivery information

The new Release 12.2 is available for download in the Hitachi Energy Library and Partner portal. An update of the RTU Pricelist will be distributed after official Release. For PLC programming together with Release 12.2 the Multiprog PRO (version 5.51) is required. A new license concept will be introduced. Multiprog 2 and the Hardlock key are only supported until Rel 12.0.

Multiprog Pro is part of RTUtil CD. Multiprog Pro will run as evaluation version for 30 days. After that time a license key is required. The license key as a single license can be ordered via BOL.

More information will be provided by RTU Sales Support, the responsible sales manager, or your local Hitachi Energy sales representative and during the offered webinars..

Please read all about the release in the release note for RTU500 version 12.2

Kind Regards,

Sigbert Reimann
Product Manager
Grid Automation Products

Release of RTU500 version 12.2
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