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Complementing and expanding the Shore-to-Ship Power offering for low power vessels, Hitachi Energy offers modular and scalable solutions, from 0,5 to 5 MVA, integrating state-of-the art ACS880 Static Frequency Converter.

Allowing any vessel to plug in

To reduce emissions when a ship is at berth, port authorities often provide a shore-to-ship power connections.

Spanning from small tugs to large Ro-ro/Ferries or LNG/tankers vessels, Hitachi Energy can provide a full set of modular and scalable solutions to connect any vessel in a range from 0,5 to 5 MVA both in low voltage or high voltage.

Easy power extension possibility by paralleling units covers a broad range of low power segment vessels, allowing both CAPEX deferral for a phased S2SP technology implantation as well as centralized solutions allowing shore power supply to multiple vessels with one single ACS880 SFC converter.

The compact size of Hitachi Energy low consumption solutions offers increased power density and packing density with easy installation and maintenance, enabling simple shore-to-ship power connection and ensuring the best fit to the local environmental requirements thanks to the flexibility to use air cooled or liquid cooled converter type.

Technology-leading low power static frequency conversion solution

The ACS880 SFC integrated shore-to-ship power solution can provide the following core functions:

  • An extended power range from 0,5 to 5 MVA, allowing maximum flexibility in Shore-to-ship power application
  • Centralized solutions enabling multi-vessel connection capability with one single static frequency converter
  • Specific design to enhance power quality, featuring grid side low harmonic injection, and ship side full harmonic spectrum compliance to IEC/IEEE 80005 standards
  • Self-adjusting cooling settings according to load conditions, allowing reduced noise level, extended life time and energy savings
  • Advanced self-diagnostic with redundancy in parallel connected units
  • Air cooled or liquid cooled version available
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