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Surge arrester POLIM-D

Silicone-housed surge arrester of IEC class distribution high (DH) for AC systems up to 52 kV

POLIM-D is a surge arrester with metal-oxide (MO) resistors without spark gaps directly molded in silicone housing, in grey color, designed and tested according to IEC 60099-4; and it fulfills the requirement of ANSI/IEEE C62.11. Fire and smoke behavior tested and classified according to EN 45545-2.

It is used for secure protection of medium voltage systems against overvoltages from atmospheric discharges and switching conditions.


  • Medium-voltage distribution transformer 
  • Pole mounted medium-voltage transformer 
  • Medium-voltage cable and cable termination 
  • Reactor and power line carrier (PLC) line trap 
  • Other medium-voltage distribution equipment

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Over 100 years of experience in overvoltage protection and more than 30 years with silicone insulation
  • Local and global Hitachi Energy application support
  • Proven safe short-circuit current design
  • Design life of more than 30 years
  • Own production of metal-oxide (MO) resistors
  • Excellent protection level with low residual voltage
  • UV resistant  silicone housing with excellent pollution performance
  • Maintenance free

Brief performance data

Maximum system voltage (Us) kV 52
Continuous voltage through arrester (Uc) kVrms 4-36
Rated voltage of arrester (Ur) kVrms 5-45
Nominal discharge current (In) kApeak 10
Charge transfer rating (Qth) As 1.1


For more details see the data sheet in downloads below.

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