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Transformers for wind turbine generators

Hitachi Energy wind turbine transformers and reactors are designed for installation on the nacelle platform, inside the tower base, or outside the tower adjacent to the base. Transformers for nacelle and in-tower applications have a compact construction design that allows them to easily pass through the tower door without disassembly. They are designed to reduce losses and operate in environments with high vibrations, such as the nacelle, as well as in harsh ambient conditions where salt, sand, dust, and 100 percent relative humidity are common.

All transformers (dry-type and liquid-filled) and reactors are designed and rated according to the size of the wind turbine generator and collection array voltage class to meet international standards, environmental standards, as well as climatic and fire behavior standards as required. They are suitable for both onshore and offshore wind turbine applications. 


Why Hitachi Energy
  • Transformer technology leader with a wide range of experience in wind farm applications
  • Pioneering technology – best short-circuit record in the industry
  • Global manufacturing facilities provide production close to point of delivery
  • Transformers are suitable for installation and operation in all environments and locations
  • Transformers are designed for high efficiency, environmental friendliness, and superior operational reliability
Hitachi Energy wind turbine transformers
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