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Customer Success Story

Annuncio dei nostri pilastri di leadership

Nel corso di nove mesi, abbiamo valutato feedback e altri input per sviluppare la nostra struttura di leadership unica. Il risultato è I nostri pilastri della leadership.

When you think of the best leaders you know, what comes to mind?

Over 500 colleagues representing 28 nationalities, in 10 countries, and all levels, answered this question and many more to help us understand how our people want to be led.

Over nine months, we evaluated this feedback and other input to develop our own unique leadership framework. The result is Our Leadership Pillars.  

Leaders Connect

Our Leadership Pillars outline what is expected of our people leaders and what employees can expect from leaders at our company. They help our leaders understand how our people want to be led and with this help leaders to become the engine behind a simple truth of which we fundamentally believe: diversity + collaboration = great innovation.

“Our Leadership Pillars are key on our journey to drive diversity of thought and collaboration to foster greater innovation.  Leaders are the engine behind our diverse and inclusive culture. It is the leader who recruits people from diverse backgrounds and co-create the environment where everyone can bring their best to work and thrive,” shares Stefanie Ratzel, Global Head of Talent and Learning.

Our leaders connect our people to four fundamental pillars, working together to shape the way that leadership makes a difference to all of us:

Created By Us and For Us

Our Leadership Pillars are one of the building blocks of Diversity 360, our diversity & inclusion framework. We are integrating Our Leadership Pillars into the way we select and recruit, the way we learn and develop, and the way we review and grow our people, making them a part of our daily working life.

“Our Leadership Pillars will have a long-lasting and genuine impact on the way that we behave individually and how we behave as a company,” Bruno Melles, Managing Director of Business Unit Transformers, shared in an employee address.

Our Leadership Pillars have been created by us and for us. If this type of leadership culture speaks to you, check out the job opportunities available.