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Customer Success Story

Saudi Arabia - Egypt

Hitachi Energy will deliver the three HVDC converter stations, enabling technology for the 3,000 megawatt (MW) at 500 kilovolt (kV) multi-terminal HVDC Classic interconnection between Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

The multiterminal configuration enable power to flow in multiple directions between the three terminals (converter stations), Medina and Tabuk in Saudi Arabia and Badr in Egypt, along the aprox 1000 km link. It can be controlled and reversed between the stations without interrupting the flow, providing maximum flexibility, grid resilience and supply security to both countries.

​​The Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) and the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC) will benefit by connecting their two grids with strengthening grid resilience, power supply security, optimization of energy production at their power plants and addressing their power consumption peaks by exchanging the surplus power with each other.

Hitachi Energy pioneered commercial HVDC technology almost 70 years ago and has delivered more than half of all the HVDC projects in the world.

The other two large-scale HVDC Classic multi-terminal solutions, delivered by Hitachi Energy, are North-East Agra in India and Quebec-New England in North America, both with bi-directional power flow. 

Main data

Commissioning year:



Multi-terminal link

Power rating:

3,000 MW (multi-terminal)
Madinah 2 *1500 MW (Saudi Arabia)
Tabuk 2 *750 MW (Saudi Arabia)
Badr 2 *1500 MW (Egypt)

AC voltage:

Madinah 380 kV (Saudi Arabia)
Tabuk 380 kV (Saudi Arabia)
Badr 500 kV (Egypt)

DC voltage:

±500 kV


Interconnecting grids