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WESCO Distribution Inc



1245 Danner Dr
44202-8054 Aurora
United States

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Since 1974, WESCO Hamby Young has been an industry leader in the material supply business, specializing in high-voltage applications. We offer the design and supply of substation packages (5kV – 765kV) while supporting the transmission and distribution line material needs of our customers across the United States. At Hamby Young, our value-added project support services are tailored specifically to the needs of the customer and the requirements of the project. Power Package Services, Engineering, Project Services, Wesco High Voltage Project Services

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Transformers - Transformer Components Distributor
Transformers - Insulation Components Distributor
Transformers - High Voltage Products Distributor
Transformers - Transformers Distributor
Transformers - Reactors Distributor
Transformers - Surge Arresters Distributor
Transformers - Capacitors and Filters Distributor