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Capacitor bank outage and failures are often caused by accidental contact by animals. Vermin, rodents, cats, birds etc. use the capacitor banks as a resting place or a landing site. When the animal touches the high-voltage live parts, it can result in a flash-over that might cause unnecessary interruptions or consequential damages to the whole bank, unless the bank is sufficiently fitted with protection relays.

The Hitachi Energy capacitor bird cap is the solution for problems caused by accidental contact in high-voltage capacitor banks. The bird cap when used together with insulated wiring between capacitor units will increase the insulation sufficiently to avoid any risk of flash-over or short-circuiting in the bank.

The benefits of bird caps in areas with rich wildlife or heavy pollution are enhanced by the use of internally fused or fuseless capacitor units. The increased insulation will also further support the compact and cost-efficient design with high power internally fused capacitor units.


Additional protection for open rack capacitor banks and wildlife.

Why Hitachi Energy?

The bird caps are:

  • Designed to fit all Hitachi Energy standard bushings, it is easily mounted on the bushings after the connecting wire has been fastened. 
  • Suitable for most climatic conditions, pollution levels and temperatures. 
  • The polypropylene plastic material ensures a long service life without the risk of deterioration of the insulation, and a good capability to endure high temperature.

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