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TXpert Ready Self-dehydrating breather Comem eSDB

Moisture is a leading cause of transformer aging. Avoiding moisture ingress into the transformer is of paramount importance to avoid outages and maximize the lifetime of the asset. 

Comem eSDB has digital and analog output and data monitoring through Modbus and 4-20 mA and is qualified as TXpert Ready Sensor to connect with CoreTecTM 4, the TXpert Hub. It increases transformer reliability, reduces operating costs, is maintenance-free and easy to install.

Continuous moisture absorption is ensured by two independent silica gel tanks working alternatively on time-based or condition-based principles.

Hitachi Energy offers a wide range of self-dehydrating breathers for various applications.

Product scope

  • Smart grid applications
  • Qualified as TXpertTM Ready Sensor to connect with CoreTecTM 4, the TXpertTM Hub 
  • Available as condition based or time-based technology
  • Suitable for new installations and retrofits
  • Data monitoring available through Modbus and 4-20 mA
  • Compatible with EN and DIN standards

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