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FOX515H High capacity backbone platform

The FOX515H supports multiple rings for capacities up to STM-64, and Ethernet over SDH for pushing packet data over TDM fibers. The fully redundant network element supports all SDH-traffic protection schemes including 2/4-fibre MS-Spring. All optical ports are XFP / SFP based. Fully integrated and managed boosters / preamplifiers / equalizers enable highly flexible and reliable long haul connections, without the need for additional external devices.

Hitachi Energy's FOX515H is a state-of-art utility multiplexer, scalable from DS0 up to multiple STM-64. Its non-blocking DXC’s allow traffic grooming at 64kbps-level as well as cross-connecting at VC-12/VC-3/ VC-4.

Chassis System
Chassis 9U high with 16+ slots, 400x480x272 mm (H x W x D), Distributed, redundant -48/ 60 VDC power concept
Synchronization Input: STM-n, E1 (2,048 Mbit/s), 2 MHz Output: 2 MHz
Mechanical tests IEC60721-3-2, IEC60721-3-3
Emission tests EN61000-6-4
Immunity tests EN61000-6-2 and utility specific tests
Safety tests EN60950-1 and EN60255-5
Climatic tests IEC60721-3-3
Operation ETSI EN 300019-1-3 class 3.2 E, Temperature: -5º to 45°C / 55ºC,  Humidity 95% r. h. (non condensation)
Transport ETSI EN 300019-1-1 class 2.2, Temperature -25º to +70ºC
Storage ETSI EN 300019-1-1 class 2.2, Temperature -25º to +70ºC

FOX515H is a highly scalable device, which allows growing backbone capacities from STM-1 up to STM-64 for the transport of TDM- as well as of Ethernet-traffic. This very compact FOX-device provides extensive protection mechanisms such as HW-protection for MPU and tributaries (two groups 1:N, N=1-5) and the full set of traffic protection methods like MSP, SNCP and/or 2 / 4-fiber MS-SPring for SDH-connections.

The robust mechanical and EMC-design including the distributed power supply concept of FOX515H are optimized to cope with harsh environments which are typical for utility applications. The mechanical, electrical and EMC / safety performance of FOX515H is fully type-tested by an independent, certified Swiss Test-lab. Most interfaces are provided with multirate SFP/XFP cages enabling each individual port to have a different configuration with a wide variety of optical wave-lengths for WDM, connectors and available ranges. The integrated space-optimized optical boosters and amplifiers meet the frequent utility requirement for long, repeater less spans.

FOX515H offers various types of Main Processing Units (MPUs), comprising the system-controller, the clock & synchronization functionality and a non-blocking cross-connect (DXC). For efficient network design and traffic grooming, the DXC even allows to cross-connect at DS0 (64kbps) level. If equipped redundantly, the hot swappable MPU’s work in main/ standby protection mode.

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