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Customer Success Story

Ensuring reliable express train service in Malaysia

Robust transformers support surging ridership demand

The KLIA Ekspres is a daily high-speed, non-stop rail service from Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, to Kuala Lumpur International Airport. In 2014, Express Rail Link (ERL), the company that operates KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit, ordered six new Electrical Multiple Unit (EMU) train sets from the Chinese manufacturer, Changchun Railway Vehicles (now part of CRRC).  

Hitachi Energy’s transformer facility in Datong, China is providing a customized traction transformer solution to ensure the new fleet of Chinese-built intercity trains will manage ridership growth and maintain the KLIA rail system’s near-perfect record for punctuality.  

Hitachi Energy’s E1F core-type traction transformers are designed flat to save space for assembly under the EMU frame. Lighter and more compact, these heat-resistant, state-of-the-art, high-load units are waterproof and able to withstand great mechanical shock in a low-loss, energy efficient design.

In addition to delivering top energy efficient performance, Hitachi Energy’s traction units had to be robust enough to withstand quick starts and stops, high tropical temperatures and abundant rainfall. The platform design also means space for traction transformers on the EMUs is restricted. Hitachi Energy delivered 13 traction transformers for six four-car trains which are operational since March 2017 - two for KLIA Ekspres, and four for KLIA Transit.

Hitachi Energy's capacity to provide local design and manufacturing solutions, quick after-sales service response, and on-time delivery on previous projects helped win the customer’s trust and confidence.

Main data
Customer CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Company Limited
(CRRC Changchun)
Product Traction transformers
Power 1 204 kVA
Network 25kV AC
Insulating fluid Ester          
Position Under-floor
Country Malaysia           
Application EMU    
Deliveries 2015-2016