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Portable skid mounted capacitor banks

Hitachi Energy modular capacitor solutions include a pre-engineered capacitor bank with a power circuit breaker, protection and control panel,  - all factory mounted and tested on a steel skid structure. These solutions require minimal field installation and commissioning work, and can be easily transported from one site to another. 


  • Fast deployment of capacitor compensation (minimal field installation and commissioning work) 
  • Easy to relocate reactive power compensation soltuion 

Why Hitachi Energy?

The modular capacitor banks come with:

  • Many standardized configurations with flexibility to fit customer needs
  • Factory tested and assembled reducing environmental project delays and enhanced quality
  • Available as a stand-alone unit or for integration into pre-existing substation
  • Easy to relocate - with availability of reinstallation training services
  • Future scalability at low costs
  • Integrated package for single point responsibility

Brief performance data

Modular capacitor banks   
Maximum power Up to 100 Mvar
Maximum voltage 5-138 kV

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