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Our Transformers handbooks are only available in English language, and are sold in printed copies.

In this edition information is given as regards the physical structure and the basis functional characteristics of power transformers, with special reference to the design aspects and manufacturing practices which play a fundamental role in assuring an adequate short-circuit performance.

Topics such as operation principles and physical structures of power transformers, materials used in construction, short-circuit events, calculation of fault currents, electrodynamic forces and consequent mechanical stresses, critical and allowable stress figures, manufacture practices etc. are part of the content of this book.

The volume, studied for specialists involved in designing, purchasing and using power transformers, deals with the subject of short-circuit and diagnosis of possible faults, making the most of the vast experience gained in the field by ABB, which can boast world leadership in these technologies.

This book is a confirmation of all the reasons for relying on the technical and workmanship quality that goes into an ABB transformer.

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An old short-circuit book
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The third enlarged edition, with updated bibliography and improved graphics: an indispensable text for anyone dealing with power transformers.

In almost every place where people live and work you will find at least one transformer, behind the scenes keeping the supply of power to the escalator in the department store, the hotel lift, the office computer, the oven in the local bakery, the farm machinery or the petrochemical plant. Nobody gives it a second thought to the important role it plays in the overall power supply. Less you are in the energy business ensuring grid reliability and stability.

The quality of a transformer is of utmost importance for safety, industrial and financial reasons. In 2003, ABB compiled all its knowledge in a book titled “Testing of Power Transformers.” The book represented the collective wisdom of over 100 years of testing power transformers. It has been written for transformer designers, test field engineers, inspectors, consultants,academics and those involved in product quality.

The feedback from our customers has been very positive since in the year of its publication. The book has been sold all over the world and is widely used in the industry and in universities for lecture purposes.

The overall interest has given us the idea to accept the challenge of adding to the original version. The basic structure of the manual remains unchanged whereas we have updated some charts and graphics. Our aim remains defining the key elements and principles of transformer testing.

In this second edition, a new section on the testing of shunt reactors has been added.

We are grateful to our customers who have embraced this guide. Their comments and feedback remain a source of ideas and inspiration. We thank them for their helpful input and trust that this new edition will aid them to further their knowledge, expertise, insight and contribution to the field of transformer testing.

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