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Transformers for solar generation

Hitachi Energy solar transformers are designed for installations in all environmental conditions. The generation units are custom designed to meet all applicable standards, regulations and customer specifications. The liquid-filled and dry-type transformers are rated according to the size of solar generation capacity and collection array voltage class, meeting all applicable standards and regulations in effect, as well as being energy efficient. Liquid-filled transformers can be manufactured and tested with mineral oil or ester fluids (natural or synthetic).

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Transformer technology leader with broad experience in solar power applications
  • Pioneering technology – best short circuit record in the industry
  • Global production facilities allocated for solar power applications
  • Transformers are suitable for operation and installation in all environments and locations
  • Transformers are designed with high efficiency, environmental friendliness and superior operational reliability, resulting in a safe, reliable means of power
  • Future proof - Integrated and expandable digital platform for installing latest digital solutions

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