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As populations and demands grow the world requires more sustainable, safe, affordable and reliable energy. It’s our mission to deliver exactly that. We’re a team of innovators who believe that successful collaboration comes from diversity, which result in technology breakthroughs. We’re curious, we ask questions, and we are working towards a world with equitable and accessible energy. We offer you the opportunity to work with fantastic people and develop yourself on projects that present great technical challenges and have a real impact. 

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Hitachi Energy in Sweden

Since 1883 we are contributing with pioneering solutions that are advancing a sustainable energy future for all.

Living in a country where electricity is a matter of course, means that we easily take things for granted such as running water, light and internet. But it is easy to forget that access to electricity has the potential to improve entire societies as it creates opportunities for knowledge, information and activities which in turn accelerates the development of individuals and even reduces the socio-economic gaps in the long run. 

Hitachi Energy work with technology that enables sustainable energy conversion and that contributes to a better future. We have a long history of innovation and diversity in Sweden. We are more than 4000 employees in 13 different locations around the country. 

Meet Our People

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