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Press Release Zurich, Switzerland 15-07-2020

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Hitachi Energy launches game-changing EV charging system for large scale e-Mobility

Grid-eMotion®  Fleet is a full ‘grid-to-plug’ solution for large-scale public transport and commercial fleets, enabling operators to charge more with less

Hitachi Energy today launches Grid-eMotion® Fleet, a game-changing grid-to-plug EV charging system that delivers a step-change approach for public transport and commercial operators. The smart mobility solution enables operators to efficiently scale up their operations and is expected to contribute to sustainable society for millions living in urban areas.

The global technology leader has been pioneering EV charging solutions since 2013, where it first introduced innovative flash-charging eBus solutions in Geneva and Nantes. Through close collaboration with transport operators, Hitachi Energy has identified a market need for a more holistic approach to large-scale charging. The launch of Grid-eMotion® Fleet marks a game-changing shift from a charger-product based approach to a charging-system based approach, which helps to accelerate the future of smart mobility.

Hitachi Energy is leveraging its world-class power systems capabilities together with Hitachi’s advanced digital technologies and proven track record of innovation in smart cities and sustainable mobility. The newly formed joint venture is pioneering a broader range of clean solutions for the global mobility market.

“Grid-eMotion® Fleet launch is a game-changer for anyone managing public transport and commercial EV fleets,” says Niklas Persson, Managing Director of the Grid Integration business unit at Hitachi Energy. “Grid-eMotion® Fleet delivers unprecedented scalability, space savings and operational efficiency. The solution will accelerate the global uptake of safe, sustainable and smart mobility, whilst contributing to cleaner air and an enhanced quality of life for today’s generation and those to come.”

About Grid-eMotion® Fleet

The solution comes in standard containers that integrate the grid connection and charging systems all together.

Grid-eMotion® Fleet uses DC technology and can connect to any type of power network, removing the complexities of integrating AC-DC chargers into a system. Compared to a conventional connection to the AC grid, the pioneering solution brings a 60 percent reduction in space required for large-scale EV fleet charging, whilst the depot cabling is reduced by 40 percent. The fast-to-install solution harnesses renewable energy through grid integration, smart mobility, digital energy management system and incorporates insights from data analytics.

Grid-eMotion® Fleet leverages Hitachi Energy’ smart energy management solution e-mesh EMS to manage and enhance the complete charging infrastructure, calculate bus energy consumption and devise, plan and deliver effective services for passengers. Digital analysis monitors the battery life data, route data, traffic simulation and depot control to ensure that efficient power use, energy storage and overnight charging is optimized. 

Globally, 801 percent of municipal bus fleets are forecast to be electric by 2040. With more than 400,000 eBuses already in service today, and the number expected to grow to 2.3 million eBuses by 2040, operators now need solutions that go beyond the charger to help them connect seamlessly to the grid to power their expanding EV fleets. Hitachi Energy supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals2 (SDGs) and the launch of Grid-eMotion® Fleet will contribute to furthering progress in respect of SDGs 7 and 11.


Notes to Editor

1. Source: Electric Vehicle Outlook 2018, Bloomberg NEF, 2018

2. Sustainable Development Goals https://www.undp.org/content/undp/en/home/sustainable-development-goals.html

Additional information about Grid-eMotion® Fleet

  • This compact design clusters the entire e-mesh PowerStore charging system in one location which eases maintenance and saves space at parking slots. It requires a significantly shorter installation period compared to traditional installations. In addition, the thermally insulated enclosures are modular and therefore available in a wide range of ratings, capacities and layouts to comply with bespoke customer requirements and industry standards.
  • The full system offering includes charging hardware, control software and a comprehensive service agreement that supports operators with an efficient, flexible, easy-to-use and intelligent system, providing the highest lifecycle value at the lowest risk.
  • Grid-eMotion® Fleet features the Hitachi Energy’ Digital Enterprise software platform to enable a smart connected infrastructure to deliver proven asset, power and workforce management optimization, already serving more than 500 million bus passengers from around the world. This digital architecture provides operators visibility across their entire value chain – the depot, terminals, fleet, assets and workforce – with an unprecedented single pane view featuring actionable insights to maximize availability and operational efficiency.