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HVDC Control and Protection Software

Together for a bigger impact!

We design and create control and protection systems through software applications, building HVDC solutions worldwide. We empower our teams to master the needs of our customers in code with precision and quality. Our deliverables further the cause of green sustainable energy.

Do you want to be part of our team and build customized HVDC control systems to meet the needs of our customers and to enable the world´s energy to become more sustainable, flexible and secure? Now you have the chance to make a difference and help to create a better world for our children and the generations to come! 

Come and join our fantastic team at HVDC Control & Protection Software, we have an incredible journey ahead of us and we want You to be part of it! Apply to our open positions below.

Passion for innovation and technology brought us together

We are convinced that HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) technology, solutions for energy transfer with direct current at high voltages, is a long-term sustainable solution. The technology is used for energy transmission over long distances and to connect electricity networks with minimal losses. In addition to energy transfer, HVDC technology also alleviates electricity quality problems and can contribute to the stabilization of connected power grids. For offshore wind power or long-distance underwater transmissions, direct current is the only realistic energy transmission alternative.

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Meet our Global Manager for HVDC Control & Protection Software, Erik Kilander

30 years of MACH™, Hitachi Energy’s control and protection system

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