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Meet Our People Zurich, Switzerland 22-04-2020

1 min read

My Power Grids story - Meng Cheng

I am proud to be Power Grids because we contribute to powering up the sustainable future and to gridding the electricity transmission all over the world

“It motivates me most when working together with customers to deliver innovative solutions, which make power grids stronger, smarter and greener.

Teamwork is the best part of working here. Everyone in our team is always so nice and supportive and we stick together to overcome any challenges that we face.

Our team is now focusing on integrated energy management solutions, which encourage our customers to transform the grid by incorporating electric vehicle charging facilities, heat pumps and renewables such as solar, wind, etc. Through smart technologies, we release the reliance on conventional fossil fuel resources, which will absolutely contribute to shaping the future into sustainable and decarbonizing the world.

I believe that Hitachi will help us to enlarge our digital solutions for future energy systems, as we both are quite experienced in energy sectors. It will be great to take complementary advantages between the two corporations. It will also be interesting and exciting to witness the merger in terms of the technology and company cultures coming together.”