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Meet Our People Zurich, Switzerland 06-08-2020

2 min read

Raphael Richter, Germany

I am proud to be Power Grids because our company gives me the chance to make an individual contribution to the new setup of the world’s energy distribution.

"As a part of HVDC, I am working every day within huge projects that bring together a lot of different people from different nationalities. It is really inspiring to observe various approaches and ideas from different people to reach customers’ satisfaction. In the end, it is very special to see how every single work package fits perfect into the other – it’s impressing to see those projects growing and working.

While working as a Field Service Engineer on Offshore Platforms, I was able to experience the contribution and effort that many people are giving to achieve the best outcome for our customers and for our company. Especially in a working environment that would be very unusual for many people, I could count on my colleagues. Living together in a very confined space showed how important team spirit, trust and teamwork are. I am glad to have had this special experience. Power Grids promotes the peoples’ mentality towards taking responsibility.

In my previous job as an Offshore Service Site Manager we kept different HVDC offshore stations running and maintained to avoid downtime. As a result, offshore wind energy could be transmitted permanently onshore to supply thousands of German households with green energy. Those offshore projects are major milestones to shape the future of sustainable energy.

In my new job as a Service Sales Specialist, we provide Long Term Service Agreements to our customers to ensure stable HVDC links and HVDC interconnectors which results in the permanent flow of green energy.

The fusion of Hitachi and ABB Power Grids creates a unique combination of two market leaders which results in excellent products and system solution for customer and society. Together, we have the ability to take energy distribution to the next level."