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Meet Our People Zurich, Switzerland 18-03-2021

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My Power Grids Story - Lisa Stickel, US

I am proud to work at Power Grids because we are shaping a better future for our children and grandchildren: one of diversity and sustainable energy.

I am very proud that through the work I do, I am able to contribute in providing reliable and efficient equipment and services to our customers which allow them to focus on the overall operations of their generation plants. 

My customers inspire me. My goal is to provide my customers with the best experience possible. I want them to know that their needs are going to be my priority. If a customer remembers my name, then I know I have made an impact that can carry into a great relationship for the future. 

Our team also inspires me. Our sales team is one of great diversity. We are a group of men and women from all over the world. As a senior member of our team I find myself constantly learning from the new and fresh perspective of my team members. Working with the sole responsibility of the Generator Circuit Breaker line I have been introduced to, and work closely with our partners in Germany and Switzerland. Experiencing these different cultures and cultivating these friendships is a treasure I hold dear. 

Change is exciting, it forces us to take a hard look at how we do things and improve on it. We get the opportunity to learn how to improve as well as teach our best practices. Collaboration for improvement and growth is always a win- win situation. That is something that I look forward now that we have come together with Hitachi.