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Meet Our People Zurich, Switzerland 13-10-2021

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Leading towards carbon-neutral​

When I was a child, I dreamed about becoming a doctor and helping others. But when the Chernobyl nuclear accident occurred when I was twelve years old, I decided that I wanted to work with the environment to prevent people from getting hurt in such incidents by becoming an engineer. I thought prevention is better than intervention. Now, I am living that dream in a larger context, working together with great colleagues to bring innovative technologies to the market that truly support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Here the energy transition is critical. 

For a successful energy transition, innovation and collaboration are key. As a leader, I am incredibly proud of our 120 years of heritage in Sweden, where we keep developing our pioneering technology. The technology is designed and produced within our facilities in close collaboration with academia, customers, partners, start-ups, and other organizations. And I truly believe it is through innovative solutions and collaboration that we can tackle climate change and together move towards a carbon-neutral future.

As we become Hitachi Energy our commitment to a sustainable energy future widens with a broader portfolio of products, systems, and solutions that truly enables a sustainable energy transition, and I think our new name will reflect and clarify that in a great way.

Our new name shows what we, together with customers and partners, can contribute with, in this well-needed sustainable transition.

I always put sustainability on top of the agenda. It is vital to have an inside-outside perspective and constantly search for new opportunities. We must both challenge ourselves within Hitachi Energy and find sustainable collaborations outside of our company. The race towards a sustainable future is a team effort; you can only win if the entire team contributes.

Diversity and inclusion are essential to our business as we work towards a carbon-neutral future; we need all kinds of people, competencies, backgrounds to create the most innovative technologies that will take us towards a more sustainable future. We are progressing in our organization but need to do more. Our employees and customers expect us to improve diversity on all levels. It is crucial to be aware and constantly challenge the status quo. Also important is to combine setting targets and follow-up efforts with "soft development" like improving the working environment and culture – making it more inclusive for all individuals.

About the Author

Jenny Larsson is Country Managing Director of Hitachi Energy in Sweden. Recognized as a thought leader on critical energy and sustainability topics and an advocate for diversity and inclusion, Jenny was the first person to receive the ‘Power Woman of the Year’ (2016) award from Kraftkvinnorna, the Swedish association for women in the Swedish power industry, as well as Alumnus of the Year 2021 at Uppsala University.