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Meet Our People United States 09-12-2021

2 min read

Ishmael is helping create solutions to deliver power to people

In 2010, I migrated to the United States with the hope for a better tomorrow. Since then I vowed to join a community of diverse people that will help transform our world.  

In Africa, particularly Liberia, challenges in the energy industry need to be persistently addressed, such as access to reliable and affordable electricity.

Today, working now with Hitachi Energy, I am very proud to be part of a company that seeks to not only influence sustainable energy transformation in the US, Africa, but also the world at large. 

Additionally, I feel extremely blessed to be part of this wonderful team where my voice matters and opportunities are provided to all despite your ethnicity. Last and more importantly, it is such an incredible feeling knowing that I can work and partake in family activities at the same time. "Work-life balance" is critical for me because I believe that every child deserves parental time and with Hitachi Energy, I can give that to my children.

My name is Ishmael R Pajibo Sr; a husband and father of two wonderful boys. I have been with Hitachi Energy for a little over two years. I joined in 2019 as a Manufacturing Supervisor in Alamo, Tennessee with responsibility over the machine shop. Six months later, I was promoted to Operations Manager. In this new role, I manage the inbound and outbound operations as well as the machine shop, manufacturing critical transformer components that support our electrical grid.

A first responder to giving power to people

Personally, I enjoy satisfying our customer demands. I see myself as a "first responder" because my work affects people lives. I wake up every morning knowing that my work helps restore electricity to cities around the globe. Recently, I was so happy knowing that because of the work I do, families in the state of Texas were able to return to their homes safely with power after that devastating winter storm that left millions without electricity.  I have worked throughout the entire pandemic to ensure that we keep the "lights on," and to that, I am so grateful.

During my years of service with the company, I have received many compliments including the Quality Award from our Factory Manager, but the most recent of which I am most honoured is the recognition I received from the employees on 16th of October 2021 in observance of National Boss Day. I was very humbled by their recognition and I am very happy to work in an environment that appreciates and values my effort.